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Driver’s Licence


Complete an application form obtained at the Licensing Office.


Application form must be signed by a Licensed Tutor.


Submit completed application form to the Licensing Office and, on payment of the prescribed fee, a Learner's Permit will be issued to you - valid for a period of six months.


Procedures For Gaining Driver's Permit:-


  • Obtain a Learner's Permit form and have it signed by a tutor.
  • Pay a fee of $50.00 for the Learner's Permit at the Inland Revene Department.
  • Check with the Traffic Department to do your sign and written exam.
  • Pay exam fee of $50.00 at the IRD.
  • Present your Certificate of Competence, 2 passport sized photos, ID card or proof of birth date and a completed application form to obtain your Driver’s Licence.
  • Pay $60.00 fee.
  • Your Driver’s Licence can be renewed thirty (30) days before your birth date.
  • Pay your Driver’s Licence on or before your birth date.
  • Driving an uninsured or unlicensed vehicle can result in the suspension of your Driver’s Licence.
  • If your Driver’s Licence is lost, defaced, mutilated or rendered illegible, a duplicate licence will be issued to you on payment of the prescribed fee.


Follow These Simple Steps:-


  • Produce original copies of Declaration Form and Bill of Sight showing Duty and Consumption Tax paid, and particulars for filing Registration Form.
  • Pay Registration fee of $75.00 and Inspection fee of $50.00
  • Take the Motor Vehicle to be inspected.
  • Return to the Licensing Office with an Inspection Certificate and a Valid   Insurance Certificate
  • Pay Motor Vehicle Road Tax for half year or whole year.
  • Bring along your ID card


Note: After inspection of vehicle some people never return to pay their licence: They think it’s fun, until the police start tracking them down - please don’t follow that crowd.

Comply Now and be proud!


  • If you are driving someone’s vehicle it is your responsibility to ensure that it is licensed.  You may be charged for driving an unlicensed vehicle.
  • You should immediately turn in the number plate of your vehicle to the Police if it has been:


  • - Permanently removed from SVG
    - Destroyed
    - Rendered permanently unserviceable