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The Old Doctor’s Quarters in Cedars is set for an upgrade to allow additional health care services in South Windward.

In an interview with the API, Area Representative for South Windward, Hon. Frederick Stephenson revealed that the structure which now has three bedrooms, will receive an upgrade to house six self-contained living quarters for medical personnel and an additional area for patient consultation.

Stephenson noted that residents of Cedars, Reeves Flat, Bridgetown, Greiggs and other nearby communities, will soon have the privilege of closer health care services rather than having to travel as far North as to the Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown.

He further noted that the land space is vastly spread as it previously housed a separate living quarter for a house maid. Additionally, there is a separate structure which house residents who currently look after the lands. These, he noted will be utilized in the future.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information (API)