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Extensive repair work is being carried out on the Bequia Community High School. This along with several other schools across the country are being repaired under the National School Repair Programme.

The work at the Bequia Community High School includes the renovation and extension of both the upper floor to allow for more than two hundred students as well as work on the lower floors. Allowances are also being made for technical students.

The roof of the entire main block is being changed and extensive work is being carried out to expand Library facilities at the school. The IT room, Sick Bay, Principal’s Office, Staff Room and Bathroom facilities are all being upgraded.

The Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) constructed a temporary school building to house the students and staff while the renovation works continue.

Project Manager Ethan Snagg said that the project will see a completion date of June/July 2024, in time for the start of the September school term.



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information