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Technical and Vocational Training is in demand and the Adult and Continuing Education Unit continues to expand its programme base.

In an interview with the Agency For Public Information (API) on Friday, 26th January, 2024, Senior Education Officer Dearie J. K. Richards said beyond the Literacy and Numeracy Programme being offered, there are specialised training areas in Theatre Arts, Barbering, Cosmetology (Hairdressing), Cake Decorating and Tiling.

Tiling is an area that is in the planning stages to be done in practical sessions at a Learning Resource Centre; notably Questelles, because of the demand for that programme in that area.

Programmes are open to citizens 16 years and over. The Senior Education Officer said the Adult and Continuing Education Department is committed to giving people a second chance, to impart skills training, providing them with viable employability and preparation for further educational advancement.

Richards stressed that these programmes exist to cater to a specific demographic who are vulnerable, unemployed and are in need.

Richards added that some of the proprietors of the recently opened shops in Glen and many of the Sandals recruits are graduates of Adult and Continuing Education programmes, further demonstrating the effectiveness of the programmes and the Unit’s commitment to educating Vincentians.

The Senior Officer also announced that the department has changed the name Basic Literacy and Numeracy to Fundamentals of English Language and Mathematics to reduce societal stigma.

Richards reiterates that the Adult and Continuing Education Department will continue to provide Education to Vincentians to bolster academic advancement and skills training.

The Adult and Continuing Education Department was established in 2005.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information