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The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) has received a donation of medical equipment and supplies, inclusive of portable ultra sound machines, from the St. Matthias Charity’s Inc.

During a brief ceremony held at the MCMH on Friday, 19th May, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, Cuthbert Knights, received 17 boxes of equipment and supplies on the ministry’s behalf, for use in the Operating Room (OR), and the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E).

Knights said the St. Matthias Charity’s Inc. is one of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ (SVG) largest donors of medical supplies, having already donated over 12 shipping containers of supplies to this country.

The organisation’s President, Bishop Robert Mc Barnett said; “These machines will save lives, they will help to diagnose certain diseases and I pray that they will take care of them, that they will be able to use them for many years to come.”

Apart from the donation of medical equipment and supplies, the St. Matthias Charity’s Inc. also brought, for the first time, a medical mission team. Bishop Mc Barnett said it was the first time they have included doctors and nurses on their mission to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, something he said, they had been trying to do over the years.

Dr. Jamal Williams, an Emergency Room Physician, and Vincentian by birth, said he is delighted to be part of the mission. Dr. Williams said equipment such as the portable ultra sound machine will help to save time and save lives. Three days of training sessions were also conducted by the St. Matthias Charities Inc. mission team to help physicians and nurses at MCMH learn the technology and applications required to use the new equipment.

Following the April 9th, 2021 eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano, the St. Matthias Charities Inc. adopted the Evacuation Centre at the Stubbs Government School. This involved providing meals all day, as well as personal care items to persons who were displaced from their homes. The St. Matthias Charities Inc. is a non-profit organization established in May 2012.



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information