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Government continues to invest heavily in the fishing industry; the latest initiative is the distribution of VHF radios through the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Over 200 VHF radios were donated by the FAO and to date, the Department of Fisheries has issued 81 of those radios to fishers. On Friday, 3rd March, 2023, a training and handing over ceremony took place at the Fisheries Conference Room.

Speaking at the session, Chief Fisheries Officer, Jennifer Cruickshank- Howard said the radios were part of promoting safety measures at sea and formed part of a project through the FAO as part of their volcanic relief efforts.

“Use the radio, take care of them, and ask your other fishers to get involved in the programme,” Cruickshank-Howard encouraged.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Hon. Saboto Ceasar said there will be significant training for fishers in the use of the device as the fishing sector becomes more modernized, with the safety of fishers as priority.

“As we seek to attract more young persons into the fisheries sector, the issue of the technology and access to cutting edge technology is going to be one of first importance…we are very concerned about the safety of our fisherfolk,” Ceasar stressed.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information