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The SVG Drum Foundation is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of existence. The organisation was started in September, 2013. The members of the foundation staged a two-day conference, which culminated on Sunday, 22nd January, 2023 at the Girl Guides Headquarters in Kingstown.  

Executive elections were also initiated, which saw Victor Byron remaining as President. The Vice President is Sullian Jones; Treasurer, Zando Rogers; Secretary, James McDonald and Public Relations Officer, William Anthony.

Byron said that the conference is significant since it coincides with the commemoration of the foundation’s milestone. The SVG Drum Foundation President thanked the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for a timely intervention by providing $25,000 through the National Lotteries Authority, for capacity building.  Byron also said that the funds will be put to good use while maintaining accountability.

Byron highlighted a number of achievements made by the organisation, which include: the presentation of drum circles across communities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; which were also held during the aftermath of the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano, at various shelters.   

Additionally, donations were made to three shelters. The president added that summer training sessions for young people were a part of the group’s educational and entertainment packages.  Byron disclosed that a climate change and adaptation project was tackled locally by the foundation in conjunction with the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals, SVGAMP.   

The project was financed by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF), and emerged during the 2013 floods.  Byron noted that, despite facing a number of setbacks, he is proud of the work achieved by the foundation, and looks forward to an even more productive year ahead, with the financial support gained.  The SVG Drum Foundation President said the organisation is “preparing the foundation for the younger generation to build on…”

The SVG Drum foundation comprises several local drumming groups. They are N-Dracdo - New Dynamic Rhythm, Art and Creative Dance Organization, Karaktr Couture and Culture (Diamond), Naked Roots Cultural Organization, Yourumi Drummers (Calliaqua), Resistance Heart Beat Drummers (Kingstown), Rose Hall Drummers and Jim Maloney Drummers.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information