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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has once again come to the defense of Cuba in the face of criticism by the United States of America.

Speaking during the Cuban’s President’s visit to the Modern Medical Complex at Georgetown on Sunday, Dr. Gonsalves chastised Washington for what appears to be a direct assault on the medical mission programme for which Cuba is known around the world.

Dr. Gonsalves said the Cuban medical programme is a reflection of the “selflessness of the Cuban people” and urged the United States to “stop badmouth Cuba.”

“They tell they lie and they put it in their reports in congressional documents, in the state department documents... that you the Cuban processionals who are here, that you are victims of human trafficking... you (USA) distort into nothingness international law on trafficking to suit your ideological and hegemonic purposes,” Dr. Gonsalves argued.

"Our Cuban brothers and sisters we request from time to time, you come to us voluntarily and on very good conditions of work and employment and the United States of America must stop this lie!” the Prime Minister insisted.

Cuba and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ 30-year relations has spanned areas of education, health, infrastructure and cultural exchanges.

"They must stop these lies and badmouthing of Cuba as it is carrying out its selfless internationalist duty to help humanity.… I make bold to say that since the dawn of civilisation, there is no country in the world, no people who have been as selfless as revolutionary Cuba,” the Prime Minister asserted.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information