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The Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation, in collaboration with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), announces the launch of a Special Education Needs (SEN) campaign aimed at supporting students with special needs across the country.

The campaign, dubbed “Special Delivery”, is intended to promote inclusivity, and highlight the attention that students with special education needs require. It involves the delivery of critical messages using various media and the execution of a Special Education Needs Survey, otherwise known as the SEN Survey.

The overarching goal of the SEN Survey is to “increase accessibility and reduce disparity for students with special education needs and disabilities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines” so that “Every Learner Succeeds”. It is being administered as part of the OECS Program for Educational Advancement and Relevant Learning (PEARL), a four-year programme that seeks to advance progress towards the goals of the OECS Education Sector Strategy (OESS) through increased access and improved student learning in basic education.

The “Special Delivery” campaign will be implemented over a twenty-five-day period, from Thursday, 22th September to Monday, 16th October, 2022.


SOURCE: Ministry of Education