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Nine (9) hand-tractors/tillers were handed over to farmers in North Leeward on Thursday as part of a revolving programme for farmers.

According to Minister of Agriculture Hon. Saboto Caesar, this initiative would allow for the farmer/tractor recipient to till lands belonging to other farmers. Their work would be reviewed by an extension officer and there is a system already in place for Government to make the payments.

Farmers who have the hand-tractors are required to make monthly installments for the tractor and would be able to own the tractor upon payment completion.
“…. you register with an extension officer; the extension officer would verify the work …. the recipient of the hand-tractor would conduct the work and it will be reviewed again by the extension officer and the Government would make the payment,” Caesar said.

Area Representative Hon. Carlos James said this is part of the rebuilding of North Leeward and giving farmers the support required at this time. The Minister also added that this is also preparing farmers for the expected boom in the tourism sector where food is expected to be in high demand for the hotels and resorts coming on stream.

There is a similar tractor service on the Windward side of the country. Other Members of Cabinet, who were part of a tour of North Leeward, were also on hand to witness the handing over at Rose Bank.  



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information