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The Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund ICDF has reassured Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves that they are prepared to do even more developmental work in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

On Tuesday, 9th August, the Prime Minister, and his delegation to Taipei, sat down with top leadership at the ICDF headquarters for a review of the programs and projects being implemented in SVG and regionally.

The Taiwan ICDF, is a training and capacity building, funding agency, designed to meet the local needs of Taiwan's partner countries. The organization provides developmental assistance in a range of areas such as public health, education, environmental protection, agricultural and information and communications technology.

On Tuesday, as his team made presentations to the visitors, Taiwan's ICDF Secretary General Ambassador Timothy T.Y. Hsiang, agreed with Prime Minister Gonsalves that more can be done. Ambassador Hsiang committed to working alongside local officials to further refine and develop the assistance provided to SVG by the ICDF.

Currently, Taiwan ICDF has three (3) major ongoing projects and one recently concluded in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. These cover the areas of Agriculture, Women's Empowerment, Digital transformation of the Public Service and Disaster Mitigation.

The Prime Minister communicated his gratitude to Secretary General Hsiang and expressed his excitement at the announcement that the ICDF has expanded plans to carry out further projects especially in the areas of farming technologies and women's entrepreneurial training and development.



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information