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Minister of Education Hon. Curtis King is convinced that the Vincentian historical experience is something from which inspiration can be drawn.  King said Vincentians must be encouraged by the resilience of their forefathers in the struggle against slavery and colonialism.

He said by embracing the positive aspects of “our past, we can use them to inspire us going forward”.  Minister King cited the efforts of National Hero Joseph Chatoyer, George Augustus McIntosh, Dr. J. P. Eustace, Robert Milton Cato and other outstanding Vincentians, as sources of inspiration.

He asked Vincentians to remain steadfast in the pursuit of reparations, “and if it doesn’t happen in our lifetime, at least put in place the necessary conditions to ensure that our children achieve it”.

Minister King was speaking at the launch of Emancipation Month activities at Heritage Square on July 29th. This year marks the 184th anniversary of Emancipation in the English-speaking Caribbean.


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information