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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is in for a cultural rebirth as the Department of Culture embarks on Emancipation month activities. Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Carlos James said the department will host activities in a number of communities across the country.

“We have to spread the message, empower people so they can understand the importance of emancipation and what it means”  James stressed.
The Minister, however, noted that for this cultural awakening to take on momentum, there must be a collective approach.  “This cultural awakening, it starts with us as a people, it starts with the education of knowing who we are ….”  James said.

He urged Vincentians to adapt to a culture of discipline which will help to transition the country from a developing nation to a developed one.  Minister James was speaking at the launch of Emancipation Month activities on Friday, July 29th.  


SOURCE: Agency For Public Information