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Public Service Week “Talking Point” (Public Speaking Competition)
Prepared Speech would be on the Theme
This activity would have three aspects to it for competition:

  1. “Creativity Costume/Wear” Displaying either destruction or recovery from the pandemic, dengue or the eruption of La Soufriere
  2. Prepared Speech
  3. Impromptu Speech

Public Speaking Competition 2022 Ad 1

Public Speaking Competition 2022 Ad 2


The objective of this Public Speaking Competition is to highlight the different dimensions for building back a better and brighter future. The dimensions to be used are:

- Economic
- Physical Infrastructure
- Social
- Psychosocial

The speech should emphasize what the situation was before, during and after the pandemic and the volcano eruption. The after phase has two elements to consider:

  1. What the conditions were like after the pandemic and the volcano eruption
  2. What’s new now, after the pandemic and volcano eruption (new policies, measures, systems, on-going recovery efforts etc.)
  • Venue: Methodist Church Hall
  • Date: 21st June, 2022
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.


SOURCE: Ministry of The Public Service, Consumer Affairs and Sports