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Yearly Calendar


From the first firecracker on New Year’s morning to the last dance on Old Year’s night, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines celebrates the vitality of this young nation and honours a sacred past with a year-round programme of visitor-friendly festival events. Our diverse histories become alive in dance and drama, storytelling, sport and song. We learn we wonder, we fete.

As only a Caribbean people can, we do all these things in the mas' and magic of Carnival. In the many rural events and the midsummer splendor of Vincy Mas', Carnival celebrates a heritage of revelry, royalty and music. When steel pan orchestras play we hear the Caribbean’s unique music - not yet 100 years old.

The verses of our storytellers, the Calypsonians, reflect upon the soul of the nation today, our ills and dreams and aspirations, but from what history came their rhythm that’s Carnival’s heartbeat? Out of which past dance did the mischief making characters of old Mas'- the jab jabs, pierrots and jumbies, the boosey back, robbers and bats come? We dance to calypso’s beat in the raw energy of the new Soca music, which carries a flag-waving, jumping-up youth into a new Caribbean age, and we crown our own royalty-Soca Monarch, Calypso Monarch, Miss Carival, the Prince and Princess and the King and Queen of the Mas' Bands. As audience, or band member, we share the exhilaration and rapture of Mardi Gras when thousands of bejeweled masqueraders parade the street. We are all royalty for a day and we celebrate ourselves.