The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment advises the general public that as part of its intensified mosquito control program, in the light of the Zika Virus in the region, officers within the Insect Vector Control Unit will conduct fogging operations on the following days and places, beginning at 4:30 p.m. daily.

 Two teams will be deployed in the following named areas. One team will focus on schools, clinics and police stations in the communities, while the other team will be focus on the entire community:


Monday, 7th March, 2016:

  • Team 1 - Rabacca & Orange Hill
  • Team 2 - South Rivers and Park Hill

Tuesday, 8th March, 2016:

  • Team 1 - Overland & London
  • Team 2 - Colonaire and Belle Vue

Wednesday, 9th March, 2016:

  • Team 1 - New and Old Sandy Bay
  • Team 2 -Byrea

Thursday, 10th March, 2016:

  • Team 1 -Point and Owia
  • Team 2 - Belmont and Calder Clinic

Friday, 11th March, 2016:

  • Team 1 -Fancy


Home owners and owners of business enterprises in the named areas are required to keep their windows and doors open to allow the fog to take effect.

Parents and guardians are advised that they should not allow their children to run or play near to the vehicles during fogging operations.

Persons who are suffering from any respiratory illnesses are kindly asked to take precautionary measures until the area has been fogged.


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