A Vincentian living in the diaspora has made a significant contribution to the Government’s Zero Hunger Trust Fund and the Enhams Clinic.


Mr. Deron Grant, a well-known former tennis player and Philanthropist, has co-ordinated the accumulation and handing over of $10,000 in donations to the Zero Hunger Trust Fund, and the Enhams Clinic. Mr. Grant, who is now the Head of Tennis Operations at the largest sporting and recreational facility in the Sultanate of Oman, was born at the Enhams Clinic.


Grant’s donation to the clinic includes an air conditioner, a refrigerator, three standing fans and various medical supplies. The value of his donation to the clinic is over $6,000. He also secured $4,000 in donations from some of his international colleagues in Oman, to be donated to the Government’s Zero Hunger Trust.


A ceremony was held at the Enhams Clinic on Tuesday 23rd August  to hand over the supplies to the Clinic, and a cheque to the Zero Hunger Trust Fund.


Senior Nursing Officer, Community Health, Sister Cecile James, who spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, expressed gratitude to Mr. Grant and his family, for recognising the need to give back to his community. She said that she hopes that they can further this public-private partnership so that, not only the Enhams Clinic would benefit, but also the wider community of the Ministry of Health.


Community Health Aide at the Enhams Clinic, Sister Noreen Murray-Harry, expressed gratitude to Mr. Grant, on behalf of the Enhams Clinic, for making this generous donation, which she said would go a long way in the continued care for the Enhams Community and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a whole.


Grant’s Aunt, Ms. Deno Ballantyne, said that the family is delighted to donate the items to the clinic. She added, “we feel really proud now that he is able to give back to his community, and more so the clinic”. She noted that the items will not only benefit persons who access health care at the Enhams Clinic, but Vincentians on a whole. "He has a big heart and is passionate about assisting persons, especially the needy ones, and he is very delighted to make this contribution,” Ballantyne further stated.


Grant’s Mentor, the Hon. Rene Baptiste, who gave a background on her relationship with him, said that he has always wanted to make a contribution. “He always says that he wants to write a cheque for somebody else,” she said.  Ms. Baptiste added that he has always wanted to make a contribution but he did not tell her until a few days before, that he had something special to give back to the Enhams Community.


The benevolent Grant also made a donation of $5,000 to his brother in Christ who is ill.




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