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The Commissioning of the Union Island Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System on Monday 25th March 2019 has been hailed as a significant milestone in the energy sector of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Officials and stakeholders involved in the local energy sector have said that this project is a game-changer, which is expected to bring numerous benefits, including the much anticipated, lower electricity cost to consumers.

Speaking at the opening of the inauguration of the 800 kilowatt Solar system in Union Island, Planning Engineer at VINLEC, Mr. Morrison Creese, said that the plant is the first micro grid with a renewal energy penetration greater than 30%, with supporting systems that allow an entire island in SVG to be powered from clean, renewable energy only, without diesel generation for some portions of the day. Mr. Creese explained that the Union Island Solar PV Plant is expected to generate electricity on the island during the day to supply to the grid. He said it is projected that on sunny days, the solar plant will generate more electricity than is required to supply the average day-time load on the island and the excess electricity will be stored in batteries.

Mr. Morrison Creese - Planning Engineer, Vinlec

The Chief Executive Officer of VINLEC, Mr. Thornley Myers, said that it is the single largest investment in energy generation on the Island since the inception of electricity in 1974. Mr. Myers said that issues such as cost and climate change, prompted VINLEC to make the joint significant investment, “cost because this investment will lower the cost of electricity to customers throughout SVG and two, this government has made clear its interest in addressing issues relating to climate change and this investment will help to fight the triggers of climate change,” Myers explained.

Thornley Myers - CEO, Vinlec

Head of the Energy Unit, Mr. Ellsworth Dacon, described the commissioning of the solar plant as a milestone which signals that SVG is well on its way to becoming independent with the use of indigenous energy sources.

Prime Minister, Dr. The Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who has responsibility for energy, delivered the featured address at the commissioning ceremony. The Prime Minister, who brokered the deal to have the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), fund the three million U.S. dollar project by grant, attributed this to SVG’s strong budding friendship with the UA, and praised his government’s strategic approach to strengthening relationships with non-traditional nations.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Island Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System is part of the manifestation of his government’s National Energy Policy. The Energy Minister added that, with this project, SVG will be able to boasts of having 80% of its energy coming from renewable sources whether from solar or geo-thermal by the end of 2021.

The UAE Ambassador to Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the OECS, H.E. Bader Almatrooshi, congratulated this country's energy sector on the commissioning of the solar plant. The Ambassador said that the UAE is happy to contribute to meeting the energy goals of SVG and their funding of the project signals further strengthening of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Other remarks at the commissioning ceremony came from Chairman of the Board of Directors of VINLEC, Hon. Renè Baptiste, and Director of Grenadines Affairs Mr. Edwin Snagg. The students of the Mary Hutchinson and Stephanie Browne Primary Schools, and the Cultural Conquerors, brought lively entertainment to the gathering.

Hon. Rene Baptiste


Mr. Edwin Snagg