These storms have made significant impacts on the economies of our sister islands, many of whom are still in recovery mode and trying to get their lives and industry back to normal. Thankfully, 75% of the region escaped the storms unscathed and many tourism operations in the affected areas are reemerging.
This dedicated month, as a Ministry, we encourage citizens to embark on leisure activities and experience being a tourist in your own destination. There is indeed ‘No Place Like Home’.

Paradise is right on our doorsteps. Familiarise yourself with the many sites and attractions and enjoy the rich diversity of our 32 islands and cays.

As Minister of Tourism, I cannot emphasized enough that our citizens at home or in the diaspora can better sell the product if, first, they know it well. In this crucial sector, it is so important that the players understand the industry and remain closely involved with the Ministry of Tourism to improve on what we are offering.

The Ministry will host several exciting activities to celebrate Tourism Month. These include:

  • Careers in Tourism School Talks - 15th November
  • Craft Exhibition and Souvenir Showcase - 16th and 17th November
  • Know Your Country Media Tour - 21st November
  • Tourism Walk - 29th November
  • Tourism Awards – 2nd December

I would like to wish Vincentians far away and at home, every tourism agency and those engaged, either directly or indirectly, in tourism, a wonderful Tourism Month. Join us by participating in our initiatives throughout the month.

I challenge every Vincentian to tell the story of the wonderful product offerings in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and that visitors will indeed find the ‘Caribbean they’re looking for’. Happy Tourism Month!


SOURCE: Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture

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