Local stakeholders are being given an opportunity to acquire additional information about La Soufriere Volcano, with the introduction of the MyVolcano smartphone application, which enables users to share their observations, as well as to help in raising awareness of a wide range of hazards, which occur in volcanic environments.

The Application was demonstrated at a workshop hosted on Wednesday, 1st March, by the National Emergency Management Organisation, (NEMO), in collaboration with several Agencies.

Ms. Michelle Forbes, Director of NEMO, said that La Soufriere Volcano can erupt at any time, hence the reason NEMO has been working, along with the British Geological Survey, to implement programmes of this nature.

Ms. Forbes said that the MyVolcano App was developed during a programme in 2016, which looked at "Strengthening Resilience in Volcano Communities".

Dr. Sam Enguwell, Facilitator of the workshop, of the British Geological Survey, told the participants that their visit serves as an opportunity for them to better understand how the application could be used in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to help raise awareness of, and increase the resilience to, natural hazards.



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