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The Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF), on Friday 15th September, received five (5) Toyota Aygo cars from the Malaysian company, Monspace.  The cars were handed over at a ceremony held at the Central Police Station in Kingstown.

Commissioner of Police, Reynold Hadaway and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Colin John; accepted the cars from Chief Strategic Corporate Planning at Monspace, Mr. Stanley Too. In his welcoming remarks, the Deputy Commissioner of Police expressed gratitude on behalf of Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Mr. Godfred Pompey, to Monspace, for their generous gift to the RSVGPF.

Mr. John said that the RSVGPF felt special because of Monspace's gift to them.  According to John, the cars were timely and absolutely necessary.  They will be distributed to the Traffic Branch, Major Crime Unit, and to the Port Elizabeth Police Station, among others, John explained.  The Deputy Commissioner urged Police Officers, who will use the cars, to drive with due care and attention.  There will be quarterly inspections of the vehicles and Officers will be trained to drive defensively, according to John.  

The Deputy Commissioner added that he is aware of the perception that the RSVGPF does not care for its vehicles.  In reference to this, he commended the RSVGPF Band for caring for their bus for the last 17 years, and the Fire Department, which has two trucks for around 20 years.   He hoped that the vehicles will enable the RSVGPF to “properly police the population of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  He also expressed gratitude to the Speaker of the OECS House of Assembly, Hon. Rene Baptiste, CMG, who took the initiative to ask Mr. Too for the donation.

In her address, Speaker of the OECS House of Assembly, Hon. Rene Baptiste, CMG, remarked that from time to time it would be reported that the RSVGPF Officers have said, they could not come because they do not have any transport.  To this end, she had the opportunity to interact  with Mr. Too and that led to her solicitation of the cars.  Ms. Baptiste hoped that the cars would enhance the work of the RSVGPF.  According to her, each car cost EC $90,000.  Too many times people are quick to say, “why the Government don’t do this or do that?” Ms. Baptiste remarked.  Instead, she said, Vincentians should ask, “what can I do for my country?”  The former politician then asked the question, “why can’t we do something for the Government?”  Ms. Baptiste reminded the gathering that the “Government is the people,” and that the people in Parliament are the instruments through which the Government operates.
Mr. Too, told the gathering that Ms. Baptiste impressed him as someone who really loved her country.  In light of this, he added that she was prepared to lose face by asking him, a stranger, for such a donation.  Initially, he said, she had asked for one car.  To which he had replied, “Why one car?”  Therefore he was touched to give more than one.  

He added that Monspace is a growing company with investments in property development, online shopping, aviation, and tourism.  He promised the RSVGPF a further donation of 20 electric motorbikes should they keep their promise to maintain the cars entrusted to them.  .

The Commissioner of Police, although present at the ceremony, was at the time on vacation leave.