Buccament Bay Resort will nestle in the beautiful bay of the same name. A 45 minute drive from the existing airport, and roughly one and a half hours from proposed International airport, the resort is superbly positioned on the Western coast. Experienced Caribbean lovers will be aware that on neighbouring islands, West coast properties command a substantial premium as they boast the quieter, more sedate waters of the Caribbean Sea as opposed to the Atlantic.


The finished resort will have a mixture of properties, from studio apartments to four bedroom plantation houses residing in their own landscaped grounds. The cabanas will make up the infrastructure of the hotel supplying five star rooms with the freedom of their own private villa. The cabanas will come fully furnished with air-conditioning and free occupancy by the owner for one month per year (2 weeks high and 2 weeks low season).

The whole complex will be run and managed as a hotel, much as the famous 'Plantation Beach' in St Lucia. This provides an excellent investment opportunity and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to own property in the Caribbean.

The Cabana's come fully furnished to a five star standard as necessary for the hotels envisaged classification, whilst furniture packages will be available for the apartments and villas. Due to a government initiative to increase tourism on the island, there will be no income tax due on profits from the Buccament Bay Resort for twenty years from completion.

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